Grants Program

With Over 2.4 billion CFX In Rewards


Let's Start Building!

Build the decentralized future through funding and support from the grants program and create innovations that fundamentally drive us towards an equitable and globally inclusive future.

Grant Categories

Tools and Infrastructure

Development tools and infrastructure components that will make the Conflux Network easily accessible and composable

  • Development Environments like frameworks, IDEs, and security tools
  • Blockchain Bridges to other established networks
  • Oracles for prices, identity, land management, intellectual property
  • Mobile Development tools like SDKs, Key Management, Wallets, others
  • Token standards for NFTS, RFTS, fungible token equivalents

Decentralized Applications

DApps to drive user adoption, liquidity, and composability on Conflux Network.

  • DEXs for Swap/AMM (Automated Market Making), perpetual swap (futures), leverage trading, exotic derivatives (options and synthetic assets)
  • Token projects like non-USD Stablecoins, Cross-chain BTC, ETH, Gold custodian backed tokens
  • Payment channel on Conflux with USDT (or other Stablecoins) for micropayments and settlement scenarios like gaming, tipping, gifts, etc.
  • Identity Solutions like Decentralized ID, user control data exchanges, automated KYC
  • Lending & Borrowing platforms to give users the ability to lend, borrow and grow their assets


Funding of up to $50k based on the grants category, market potential, and alignment with Conflux Network’s vision.

The evaluation process is divided into two phases - online form submission and a detailed proposal by the shortlisted teams.

Tier 1

Grant up to $15k per project, to be completed in 0-2 months

Tier 2

Grant up to $50k per project, to be completed in 2-6 months

The grant amounts mentioned are in USD and the funds, subject to eligibility and the Terms and Conditions of the program, be disbursed in CFX.

Project Eligibility

  • Project work should be in progress and open-source for community use, transparency and for quicker due diligence.
  • Teams should have experience in delivering blockchain solutions with strong quantifiable track records.
  • Projects should be working towards tangible outcomes achievable in a set timeframe, preferably 6 months or less.
  • Projects should disclose what the grant shall be used for with a detailed cost breakdown.
  • Projects must demonstrate long term commitment to build and operate the solutions on Conflux Network.

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