Applying cutting-edge research to create a faster, next-generation blockchain with enhanced security and stability for the future of Web3.


Research and Technical Documents

Conflux Network combines the proven security of PoW with the innovative block ordering of the Tree-Graph and economic mechanisms ranging from transaction sponsorship to token staking.

Using the novel GHAST protocol for consensus, Conflux Network optimistically processes blocks without discarding any as forks and assigns weights to each block according to the Tree-Graph ledger structure.

The GHAST protocol and our system have been rigorously proven to achieve 3000+ transactions per second without sacrificing security or decentralization even under adversarial conditions.

Learn more about Conflux Network and our research below and how we are creating a secure and stable environment for the growth of applications and the Web3 space.

Technical Presentation

The scalability issue of the current blockchain

The scalability issue of the current blockchain
  • Undesirable user experience
  • Long processing delay caused by low throughput
  • Skyrocketing transaction fees

Simple Solution

(by increasing block rate)

Simple Solution
  • Generate a lot of forks
  • Cannot decide consistent total order of blocks in forks
  • Forks waste resources and harm safety

Conflux Solution

Conflux Solution
  • Use Parent and Reference edges to construct Tree-Graph
  • Introduce pivot chain and epoch to consistently determine total order of blocks and transactions
  • Use GHAST rule to secure the pivot chain

Results show > 3,000 TPS

Developer Documents

Conflux Network is the foundation for next-generation decentralized technology. Participating and building on the network can involve running a node to contributing to the core protocol to building the next viral decentralized app.

Explore our developer documentation to get started building the future of Web3 on Conflux Network.

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Conflux Studio

Conflux Studio is an IDE developed by Obsidian Labs to simplify smart contract development. Use it to run nodes, develop smart contracts, and interact with on-chain contracts.

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Conflux Truffle

Conflux Truffle is a development and testing environment for smart contracts with the familiarity of the popular Truffle framework.

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